The united states legalizes the printing and use of weapons in 3D

From this moment it will be allowed that thousands of people from the united States to have access to digital plans that are on the network to print guns in 3D, since the Department of Justice of the united States lost the trial he was facing to stop this diffusion.

The court battle was waged against Cody Wilson, a young man from Texas, who managed to print his own weapon with a few planes that he found on the Internet and decided it was a good idea to share through the same, arguing that it was freedom of expression with which each inhabitant of the north american country.

Wilson I think a ‘Liberator’, the pistol, in 2013, giving rise to what is regarded as being the first firearm made with a printer of the third dimension; it was developed by a plastic and although it is believed that they would have no power, the truth is that I could shoot a bullet real without any problem.

This fact and the available files, which anyone could download, of the instructions of how to build the revolver, drew the attention of the department of Justice, who accused him of violating the rules restricting the export of firearms.

After this situation, the boy closed his portal of Internet, but I was not happy with what was going on, so that you in 2015 wanted to go to trial against the DOJ (for its acronym in English), arguing that it was attacking his freedom of expression and the right of all individuals to bear arms.

After two and a half years of struggle, the u.s. Government gave the reason to Wilson, but imposed some restrictions to continue posting the signs required for the printing of weapons and these are only allowed to print them if they are of a caliber of 50 mm or less.

Weapons printed in 3D, how amazing or dangerous?

With this statement, it is like Cody will be able to give to know the old and new designs without a problem therefore, he himself has said that nothing can prevent the fact that the era of weapons downloadable start:

“Neither the petitions to regulate guns or deaths can change the fact that the weapons are going to be able to download it over the internet. The age of the weapons ‘downloadable’ formally begins on the 1st of August.”

For their part, the opponents of the use of the weapons, announced that they will not remain idly by and presented several requests for this situation to change and have a greater control over them.

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