These 11 famous show that you can be a mother at 40 and even at 45 years of age

Surely many will be surprised, but the researchers came to the conclusion that the best age to give birth between 30 and 34 years of age. It is the age that produces the optimum balance between the health and social well-being. But some go beyond and are mothers over 35.

The wording of is asked by the famous women who have dared to be mothers at an age at which many already enjoy to play the role of grandmother. And they are not few.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon has three children and all were born quite late. The first one with 39, one with 42, and the third was 45 years old.

In his youth he was diagnosed with that was barren and for many years refused to use contraceptives. But unexpectedly she became pregnant and then again and once more, if there were still doubts. Susan says that she felt happy for having overcome any diagnosis.

Look at how beautiful your children are! And she herself¡ ¡71 years!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was not all so simple as to Sarandon. For a long time tried to have children, but nature showed to be inflexible with it. Then, the star turned to in vitro fertilization, when the egg is removed from the body, is fertilized artificially and is returned to the uterus once it is clear that the embryo is developing normally.

The procedure was successful for Jennifer, but not with the first attempt. Despite that, I gave up and now raising two wonderful twins who gave birth at the age of 38.

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is the wife of John Travolta, who became pregnant at the age of 47. A real gift of fate! A year before, the family of Travolta had suffered an unfortunate situation: he died his only son, Jett.

“Benjamin gave new life to our family,” said Kelly after his birth.

Céline Dion

Their first son, René-Charles, had 33 years and twins Eddy and Nelson came when he was 42.

The singer had to go through 6 attempts of ivf and a c-section, but in the end gave birth to healthy twins. She stressed the following: “in vitro fertilization is a process emotionally very hard, you must always remember how lucky you are to be a mother”.

Halle Berry

For this actress, it seems that the years do not pass, which is manifested not only by his incredible appearance. Halle Berry became a mother for the first time in 41 years and their second son had it at 47, which was a great surprise even to herself.

“I thought that all these emotions had been left in the past and was on the verge of menopause, when suddenly came this news,” confessed the actress on her pregnancy.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger has only one daughter with the beautiful name of Ireland (Ireland). And seeing the photos of these beauties, it is difficult to imagine that between the two there is an age difference of 41 years.

Ireland Baldwin poses for magazines, and sometimes plays roles in the film. Due to their similar appearance to her mother, she played his character in his youth in the movie “Adjustment of accounts”.

Gwen Stefani

Eternally young and rebellious, Gwen Stefani, gave birth to their sons Kingston and Zuma when your age is approaching 40 years of age. And the 44 was the mother again, bringing the world to his son Apollo.

And oh, how great it looks next to them! No one could deny that it’s a young mother!

Salma Hayek

According to Salma, she had always wanted to have children, but their health is not allowed. Finally, at the age of 41 I got it from.

The pregnancy was complicated, the actress rose 23 pounds, but after he was able to regain her figure. This was what that said about her motherhood late: “10 years Ago could not have given to my daughter as much as I can now. You are lucky to be born just when he was over 40 years”.


The Queen of Pop gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Lourdes, at the age of 36, and then the regeneration of 41 to her son Rocco. In addition, the singer educates four adopted children from Africa.

“Before you were born my children, I was very selfish. Motherhood has radically changed the course of my thoughts,” says Madonna.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was the mother when met 41 years ago, which for her was not easy: the pregnancy was complicated with a state of pre-eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes. Their babies were born by c-section. Mariah ripped of his right to be the mother of the hands of fate. Though with the father of her children, Nick Cannon, the singer, unfortunately, broke up.

Monica Bellucci

The actress was stunned when she was diagnosed with infertility, but to his surprise and joy, unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 39. “My daughter came at a perfect time in my life. I have played so many roles and visited so many places, that I am now ready to give you everything you need,” says Monica. Now the girl, who has a name that is as beautiful as Deva, is 13 years old and is taller than his mother.

To her second daughter, Monica gave birth to her because with 45. The actress admitted that she was scared to learn that she had been pregnant, because I understood that at that age it could be dangerous. Fortunately, everything was to perfection. Born Léonie.

“During the 9 months of my pregnancy, I never had to go to the doctor for any abnormal situation. Of course, giving birth at the age of 45 is dangerous and don’t encourage women to do it, but I can say that motherhood is the primary role of my life. If I had not been able to conceive in a natural way, I probably would have subjected to in-vitro fertilisation,“ he says.

We agree with Monica: it is much easier and more safe to give birth before 35, but in life anything can happen. Of course, the famous, in these cases, start from an advantageous position: they have a purchasing power high.

However, we believe that each of us would find examples of well-known people in our lives that also have done it, women who have begotten children successfully, at that age, in that I do not even bother with the famous, and, why not say, ”blessed” phrase legendary watch mother who makes tic-tac inside of you, right?

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