These 23 photos of weddings were “ruined”, but it became even more unforgettable

It is difficult to ensure that the wedding photos are original. In most cases, seem to. But this is not the case of these funny pictures. collected some photos of weddings “ruined” that became true masterpieces.

23. Unexpected guests

22. The photos without the cats look bad

21. This is awkward

20. A sea of emotions

19. “What are you doing? Stop!”

18. “It seems that I am more excited than the groom”.

17. “I fainted at the wedding of my best friend”.

16. Apparently, the officer was excited too

15. Tom Hardy stand in a wedding

14. When it hurts to not have been invited

13. “I cried when I saw my girlfriend and she… she started to laugh out loud”.

12. When you don’t have with whom to go to the wedding, but this dance with the most beautiful girl

11. When the Universe sends you a sign

10. Children!

9. The guest most sincere is the one who does not care how it will come out in the photos

8. “The wedding of my aunt. I could not resist”.

7. What also gives you a curiosity to know what was behind the camera?

6. “Witness, páseme the rings”.

5. When you want to catch the bouquet whatever happens

4. Free flight

3. These newlyweds were invited to a photo shoot to all over the world

2. Who said that the groom was supposed to look serious?

1. Never lose your concentration

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