Are you sick of your neighbors? Here you have 25 evidence that not all are bothersome

Some of us are accustomed to using the word “neighbor” to tell negative stories about a person noisy, angry, and eternally unsatisfied, that just want to ruin the mood of everyone around her. However, there are fortunate individuals who can still boast of neighbors is truly admirable: I’m surprised not with the sound of a drill, but with your kindness, wit, and subtle humor. is sincerely happy for the people who are incredibly lucky with their neighbors and share their stories with you.

1. “We ran out of toilet paper and asked our downstairs neighbor to give us something. So it was as he handed the roll to our door”

2. “This was put under my door this morning. Do I have the best neighbor in the world? I have faith in the people”

“Hello, friend! I saw your girlfriend yesterday when he left your house. I’m so sorry. But the sea is full of fish definitely! Take this money and go to a strip club. Oh cheer up, neighbor! Merry christmas! Department 3F”.

3. “My neighbor printed on a 3D printer a walker for your little friend”

4. “Very recently I moved to Houston. My neighbor is 60 years old loaned me a lawn mower and I promised to make him some cookies to thank you. Just laughed at me, but today I gave her this”

5. “My neighbor drew a portrait of our dog for me and my brother. Because yes, for no reason in particular”

6. Potential neighbor wonderfully divine

“Oh, wonderfully divine inhabitants of this house! I am your neighbor. Still. But at the end of September is the deadline for rental of my apartment. The owners realized that they themselves would like to live in this cozy nest. And I, in consequence, fall from the nest. Give me a shelter, huh? Alquílenme a studio. I am very modest, a minimum of furniture and equipment reaches me. But I am very neat, responsible, quiet and almost imperceptible. Well, is there someone willing to call me on the phone? I believe in you and I have hope. That are very good mood!”

7. “I recently moved to a new house and when I was walking in I met the dogs of a neighbor”

8. If all the christmas decorations were as cool as my neighbor, you could leave them out all year

9. “My neighbor left some notes for the guy from the technical service”

“Don’t let the cats out”. “Don’t let the cats out. I will try to leave it running when you open the door!” “One of them, the largest, will behave as if he did not want to leave any part. But at the first opportunity to go running!”

10. “I wonder, what is the largest product that can be ordered on Amazon? I think my neighbor has just received”

11. “My neighbor just finished his ‘Batmobile’, the creation of which he spent working for 9 years”

12. “I entered the elevator and I saw this…”

“Dear neighbors! Let us help together to our neighbors in the apartment 74! Gather silver for this beautiful couple to see a psychotherapist, who will return peace and tranquility to your family, to finally stop fighting for the night, arming scandal, desquitar his rage with his dog (who cries lastimeramente and howls).

For that the poor girl does not look for comfort in cleaning the department at night, but lie down instead of clean up to do not more power.

Do not be indifferent! He who can, help the poor guys! I feel a lot of pity for them!

Where leave money?”

13. “A neighbor of a joker. This is a bathroom”

14. “My neighbor every two months draws in your mailbox for a new work of art, famous”

15. “Every day we exchange glances with this guy”

16. “For several days I watched my neighbor’s dull to build something with the snow. I thought it would be a doll. Yesterday he finished his masterpiece”

17. “My neighbor installed air conditioning for your dog”

18. A lift with memories of many trips. Apparently, the refrigerators no longer have space

19. The house suffered a flood from a height of one meter. Good neighbors rescued the dog trapped in the interior

“Their dogs are safe in the top floor, apartment 1025 D”.

20. “A girl got caught in the elevator and had to wait a long time for the repair service. I was very thirsty, and that is what I could invent … ”

21. “My neighbor washed the pavement with a machine to pressure wash and you now have a pattern to boxes”

22. “And this is my neighbor always friendly”

23. The norwegians, if you have lots of apples in your garden, give away to passers-by

24. “My neighbor with multiple sclerosis is not without a sense of humor, and your t-shirt with the symbol of the superhero Flash shows”

Bonus: of course, not all the neighbors are perfect, and some of them are clever, not with kindness, but in a bad way

Do you have luck with your neighbours?

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