These are the new features of the latest version of Google Chrome 70

The new update of Google Chrome has already been launched formally, reaching the version number 70, and which has some exciting enhancements that will be of great utility for some users.

Prevents the automatic sign in with your Google account

One of the controversies with the version 69 was that Google started browser session with our account if we logueábamos in any product with our account, for example, with Gmail, Google Photos, etc, however, this option can be turned off in the version 70, since there will be users who still want to use these option was enabled by default.

To clear this option simply follow the following steps:

  • We are going to setup.
  • We move on to the “advanced Settings” and look for the option “Allow the sign in to Chrome”.
  • Deactivate the check box, we must desloguearnos of Google Chrome.

Careful with the websites that are not secure

From the previous version of Google Chrome we saw how no longer marked web safe color green, but that only the websites that do not secure issued an alert in red color, however, with this new version now opens a message on the screen that indicates that the website is not secure, and therefore you should not enter passwords or personal information, because this could be intercepted.

According to Microsoft, the Edge it is better for the battery, and more secure than Chrome

New video codec

With this new version you will be able to use the codec of video AV1, so that the videos that already are on the rise with this video codec will not have any problem. This codec allows you to upload videos with a lower weight without losing quality, and if you want to activate it, just follow the following instructions:

  • In the address bar put the following: chrome://flags/#enable-av1 decoder

  • Subsequently select the option “Enabled” and ready.
  • Finally we go to the page of experiments on YouTube known as TestTube and activate the option of AV1 according to what we want. and Partners.

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