These are the new features of Spotify for Android and iOS

Spotify is the music streaming service most used in all over the world, and the service of Swedish origin has been revamped to offer better to their customers on Android and iOS that will significantly improve the experience of use.

The innovations are for Spotify Premium

What it does clarify is that these new features are exclusive to premium members, since a few months ago, it was the users freemium receiving a wave of news that bothered more than a premium user, mainly because that update came with a change in the interface of the application.

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And it is right by where we start, because with the new update, the interface has changed, and according to Spotify it will be much more intuitive and easy to use, leaving only three buttons on the bottom of the screen, as is the Home, Search and Library.

Best musical recommendations

Despite the fact that the company already does a good job in this area, the reality is that we can say that YouTube Music still makes one much better, and that the application is relatively new, however, Spotify promises best recommendations of music based on the artists that we listen to, the likes, reproductions, continuous, etc

The new algorithms of the company will be able to provide you with new recommendations that will be almost a fact that you’ll be happy or to attract attention, and it seems that the company has understood that to listen to a song does not mean that you like a artist in particular or a gender, and it is here where it seems that there will also be an improvement.

With this new algorithm also improves the radios unlimited artists, those that reproduce music of infinite form based on a song or artist, so that your music experience will be much more enjoyable with this tool.

Custom search

The company mentions that the search will also be much more personalized, and will be organized based on the tastes of each user, this way everything you see on the search option will be recommendations based on what you hear and you like, and not in anything that really you’re never going to play.

Spotify has put a lot of focus on personalized recommendation for users, so seek to offer the best results that will make the app a better service to your customers.

The update for Spotify has been released today globally for Android and iOS, and will be appearing progressively in the app store of our country. and Partners.

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