These are the signs of an eating disorder which should not be confused with healthy habits

Popular culture dictates to us the rules of eating and a healthy lifestyle, the bloggers of fitness with bodies ideals we speak of the need for a daily workout and eating arugula instead of a full dinner, but rarely mention what happens behind the scenes. Meanwhile, in the US alone, 30 million people have developed an eating disorder in their attempts to become beautiful, slender and nurtured in a special way. It’s not so much of men as of women of different ages and different physical. Many of them even suspected that penetrated in the area of risk. has compiled for you several alarming signals that reveal that the time has come to review your attitude toward the power to the object to prevent the development of this dangerous disorder.

10. Your mind is constantly busy thinking of food

“Five nuts snack and the next meal I touch within four hours”, “I wonder if you would eat carbohydrates after six in the evening”, “On the way home, after leaving work, I have to buy seven containers of low-fat yoghurt, but I will be forced to go hungry throughout the week”, “I’m Just going to look at this cake, but I don’t think comérmelo”.

Thinking about food is sort of like a radio that never turns off inside the head of a person suffering from orthorexia (obsessive desire for a “healthy diet”). Always think about each meal, one step ahead, trying to keep under control the appetite, and eat more “clean” and accurate as possible, regardless of the conditions that surround it, or of their own state. And, of course, that radio works by feeding off the energy of the person to which it is connected.

9. Prepare dishes with complex and delicious just to others

The people who deny themselves their favorite dishes often project their desires on others and try to feed them with something special. Participants of an experiment about hunger in Minnesota, made in the years 40 were told that, during the 13 months of restrictions rigid in their food, they felt a strong desire to read constantly books of kitchen.

This disorder can trigger a person to take hours and hours in the kitchen concocting culinary delights for your loved ones, and during the dinner, move the fork around a sad leaf of lettuce without any dressing whatsoever. It is possible that after all the guests leave the table, this person is breaking in two and now alone, begin to eat everything they see, resulting in a behavior that indicates the possible existence of a bulimia.

8. You have a constant cold

When the percentage of fat in the body is too low, this is more difficult to do in front of the heat exchange, and is not the only health problem that have to confront people “diet”. If even during the summer you wrap yourself up in a blanket and everywhere you go with a jacket “just in case”, maybe you’re eating less than your body needs.

7. You spend a lot of time reviewing the imperfections of your body

One of the rituals most popular among women is to roll over in the mirror, examining her belly and thighs. And there is nothing wrong in this ritual, except to repeat 15 times a day and end up becoming an obsession.

People with eating disorders are so obsessed with their body that they feel the need to feel every crease in it after a meal, measure the parameters of your figure in centimeters or weighed regularly to soothe your anxiety.

6. When you skip a workout, you panic

The sport is an excellent remedy, both to get rid of excess weight, as if to say farewell to the bad mood, but, like everything in life, exercise is good in his own right.

If in addition to the gym, a person has a job, family, home, friends, and hobbies, daily exercise of several hours duration only the run out making it anti-social. When skipping a workout causes a sensation of discomfort, and even panic, and after a meal there arises the urgent need to burn calories, we can already speak of the existence of problems related to the power supply.

5. Have you ever noticed that the state of your skin, hair, and nails has gotten worse

When the disorder escapes any control, its consequences are reflected in the appearance. If a person does not get enough nutrients with the food, your skin begins to deteriorate, she drops the hair and the nails become brittle.

You may also receive other physical symptoms: from sunken cheeks to bags under the eyes, swelling, dry mouth, problems with vista and, in the case of women, they can suffer from disorders in the menstrual cycle. In this way, the body reveals that it is weakened and needs to urgently correct this situation.

4. The food is the biggest pleasure in your life

A lot of people says it as if it were a joke and there is nothing unusual in enjoying your favorite food. But if this pleasure is superimposed on all the others and you’re not forces, nor time, nor desires to get caught up in other pleasures, it is a symptom alarming and a reason, without a doubt, to consult a specialist.

Depend on food is a fairly common phenomenon, given that you indulge yourself with something tasty is a lot easier than building a happy relationship, success at work or traveling. But simple doesn’t mean it is better.

3. You have a fear of eating around people

An appointment in a restaurant or a gathering with friends to enjoy a dinner becomes a torture if a person suffers from problems with your diet. “What would you think it if I like me all over the dish?”, “They asked for salads and I want pizza, the better it will be to drink only water”, “If I ask for something more, everyone will think that I eat like a beast”, “the Better I like the dessert at home.” Such thoughts are caused by the existence of a disorder that prevents the relaxation and enjoy good company, both as of the food.

2. You bookings on a regular basis to the days of binge eating

Bingeing, those days in which you can break your diet and eat whatever, they often become the intermediate step between orthorexia and bulimia. Binge eating is accompanied by feelings of guilt, so that the individual gains control over his power, which in turn causes a new step to eating more excess, and more feeling of guilt.

A person with a disorder so you can eat even 10 000 kcal a day and not feel satiated. This vicious circle, you cannot quit if you are not looking for help in order to restore the normal diet.

1. After reading this article, you feel hungry, but you decided that now is not the time to eat

In most cases, the signals of hunger and satiety will fit on a person still in their infancy and the help supply your body with energy and nutrients, exactly, when these are necessary. If these signals are ignored too often, eating in excess or, on the contrary, not getting enough to eat, these just altering and cause a change in behavior, paving the way to an eating disorder.

And for you, what food is an ally or your enemy?

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