This british artist draws feelings that are familiar to all of you who have ever fallen in love with

Omario Brunelleschi is a british artist who lived for a time in Italy. In the past two years, has shared with their subscribers in social networks illustrations that reflect all the possible angles of love. And, perhaps, the most interesting of his works is that in many of them, Omario narrates the life stories that inspired them. We don’t know if these are based on personal experiences, but his works have conquered the hearts of thousands of people. has selected for you the most interesting illustrations of this artist who arrive in a thousand ways into the deepest corners of the soul. ¡Enjoy!


“Wow, 40 minutes in the subway! 40 minutes waiting for it to set in me… why he looked at me when I was already about to fall down? What will be strange if I move into the next stop? If you ask him for his number, what aparentaré be a person too easy? Why are all the guys nice you always seem so busy or are reading? I have that down already, but I don’t want to do it!”


“Can we skip classes?”


“Working on this piece, I came eager to visit Paris. It seems so beautiful!”


“ – What honey?

— Yes, my love?

— I like you.”


“I hope you’re okay!”


“Those nights, aimlessly, strolling in the car and stopping to kiss while the sun set… And even when all was dark and could hardly see your face, told you that you were beautiful.”


“The war. War is always war.”


“It has been 2 years since I started to publish my works on the Internet. During this time I learned a lot. I hope that my changes will inspire you to constantly work on yourself! If you keep working hard, you’ll be better.”


“The first appointment.

— Are you sonrojando?”


“ … And if you broke my heart last night it’s because I love you more than anything in the world!”


“A broken heart in 3 seconds”.


“… That night, when I returned home after an appointment, I called my mother and told her I had met a girl with whom I would like to be married.”


“Some day I’ll be an old man and thou shalt be an old woman. And we will walk through the old dock next to the sea.”


“Dusk at the beach”.


“Night music”.


“I will wait five minutes”.


“That was the moment I realized that everything had changed.”


“I love the smell of freshly cut grass after a spring rain”.


“Go, that is how it happen…”

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