This guy works hard and deserves a break: now enjoy your vacation to the fullest

Today no one would be surprised with photos of a beach with white sand and endless ocean. But in find a profile of Instagram that stands out among the crowd: maybe because it is a profile of… it to The Death!

Interestingly, the project is supervised by the authorities of New Zealand with a clear purpose. What exactly? Try to discover yourself and find the answer at the end of the article.

When you’re on vacation, you must walk the shore of the sea

Eat something cold

Take memorable pictures and warm

Just have some fun

Spend quality time with your loved ones

Swim on top of… something

In reality, the aim of this photographic project is to remind the tourists about the reasonable conduct when they rest on the sea or near some other body of water. Annually in New Zealand occur many accidents: in general, due to the consumption of alcohol on the beaches.

The description sounds quite sinister: “If you think behaving badly in the water, I hope.”

The wording of also asks that you watch out and be sensible!

And if even death itself with his “stunning work” can afford to go on vacation, you will also need a few! Postpone your important issues and take your well-deserved rest.

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