This failure on WhastApp could do that consume gigs of data when you’re not connected to Wifi

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world, is the king of the instant messaging and communication tools are indispensable in 2018. However, as the entire application, the application may have errors or failures and result from a malfunction to a headache for the user.

At least it has been with the last bug discovered in the application, where some users have reported that the application is consuming gigs of data your mobile tariff when they are not connected to Wifi, how is this possible?, well, with the backup of the application.

So, the backup of the application that allows you to have all your chats and files when you reinstall the application or change the phone is the culprit of this problem as a bug in this process allows the application to perform the backup even if it is enabled the option that only the right-when you connect to a Wifi network.

How to enable and disable the backup in WhatsApp for do not miss our chats

Obviously, this is causing a headache to the users affected, because they are occupying hundreds of megabytes of their mobile tariffs for the backup, and I say hundreds, because the problem is not only WhatsApp do this process when there is no connection to a Wifi network, but is also doing full backups, not incremental (as it should be), that is when you add the chats and files that were not in the last backup registered.

Thus, instead of copy 28 MB (for example), make a copy of 28 GB, a situation that has over time end up with the amount of gigs available on the rates of those affected.

Of time WhatsApp has not spoken on it, and we also don’t know if it affects all operating systems, but for now this problem has been identified in users Android.

The recommendation for all users is to disable the automatic backup and select the option of doing it manually when the user requests it, at least until WhatsApp will fix the problem.

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