This kitten lost travelled 20 kilometres on a train looking for his mistress, and he found it!

Not many people can ignore an animal lost. We will gladly give you a temporary home, fed and start to look for their owners.

However, there are pets that are willing to go out to find his lost home on their own, even if for this they have to overcome long distances. wants to tell you about one of these little ones today.

In the railway station, Voivres-lès-le-Mans, located in the French region of Sarthe, in the way it was found this kitten. Their owners were not with him and many people spent long, without being able to help the small.

Fortunately, the kitten was noticed by the assistant of a train. The young man, named Guillaume, tried to bring the “orphan” to a safe place. However, the furry did not want to move away from the station and returned after Guillaume to the platform.

The young man feared that the kitten leaped suddenly to the railroad tracks and out-hit. He assumed that the small had arrived at the station in a wagon train, so the man decided to take the animal with him from a trip and posted on his Twitter all the information about it.

Guillaume told reporters that the kitten (which turned out to be kitten) behaved very well and only maullaba once in a while. As we can see in the photo, the heroine of this story was a transient copy, and even managed to travel in the cabin of the machinist.

In this way, he traveled more than 20 kilometers. But in the end station, in the city of Le Mans, the kitten had to get out of the car. Fortunately, the story about it became viral on Twitter, and the owners of the small traveler appeared on the same day.

Collected to your pet and said that it was called Noisette. Guillaume immediately shared this good news with your subscribers.

There are many stories about how intelligent animals managed to return home weeks or even months after the separation with their owners. If your pets have you ever had something similar, please tell in the comments.

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