This Thursday, the Internet will be slower in all the world, and here’s why

This Thursday, October 11 if your connection is fixed or mobile, with ethernet or wireless, is painfully slow, does not get bogged down, there is not much, that is to say, nothing you can do.

And is that during the day of tomorrow will be the renewal of the cryptographic keys that protect the addresses of domain for the first time in the history of the World Wide Web in order to improve the security, good lack makes. This will encourage the service all over the world, but fortunately last only a day.

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And as always happens, some opportunists are using the situation to make circular information alarmist, but false, and several rumors about a “global collapse of the Internet”, but according to all verified reports of companies and experts, is more false than a ticket of 14 pesos.

It is not that the event is a minor thing, because what is true is that yes it will happen something very big. The Internet Corporation for assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), explained that for the first time in history will change the cryptographic keys for the KSK of the root, in order to generate greater security. If something were to go wrong in the process, the most serious thing that we would sustain would be some slowness while browsing on the Internet.

The amendment seeks to ensure the safety of users and prevent attacks such as occurred in 2016 that collapsed to Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and Spotify, among other places. The DNS do the translation of domain names, and is that communication between computers is not given by domain names, but IP addresses and for this there has to be an equivalence between their languages.

This DNS system ensures that you can access to a web page when entering an URL tracking in the servers IP address. That is why this update of the cryptographic keys that protect the addresses of domain is needed in these times where the attacks on the Web platforms are more sophisticated and abundant than ever. In addition, we can all endure a day of Internet a little slower, isn’t it friends of unocero? and Partners.

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