This is NOT the Samsung Galaxy X

Yesterday Samsung introduced its new flexible screen known as Infinity Flex Display, but the brand will not be left alone with that, but they showed the prototype of a phone with a flexible screen fully functional, which many think is the Galaxy X.

Although we may think easily that it will be the rumored Galaxy X, Google may have given us a hint of the final design that will have the phone flexible Samsung, which is different from the one shown yesterday by the company, and that has a design much more akin to that it had been leaked weeks ago.

The phone flexible that it showed Samsung the yesterday is actually a tablet that can be bent, and when bent we may use a different front screen that has the phone, that is to say, it is a computer with two screens, one that is flexible and one that is not.

During the Android Summit, Google spoke of working together with Samsung to adapt Android to the flexible screens, support that will be available from the Android 9.0 Foot, and where he showed how it would work.

#MysteryBox 📦 : Where is the Galaxy X?

In the short video that shared Google we can see that there are two prototypes of flexible screens, one as the that Samsung showed yesterday, and the other where the interface adapts to the flexible screen to make it work as a tablet or phone, everything fast and comfortable, and this could be the final design of the Galaxy X.

Google was very clear, they have worked with Samsung to adapt Android to the flexible screens, which is why everything points to the Galaxy X (or as you go to be called) will be the first Android device with flexible display in the world.

Do you think that the final design of the Galaxy X to be as the one presented Samsung yesterday, or will be more as it showed Google in the video? and Partners.

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