This dog loves the plush bunnies, but they ceased to produce them. Users of the Internet found how to help you

We present to you Jake: I love to play with a hare stuffed animal from IKEA. And everything would be fine, except that these hares will quickly deteriorate and you need to buy new ones constantly.

It came to pass that the manufacturers recently stopped producing these hares. The owner of the dog could not live with the sad thing that was his pet without his favorite toy, which is why she went to the company for help.

“This is the only toy you play with my dog. When they brought Jake to our house, grabbed the hare in the first 5 minutes, stumbling with his ears, but he had it with dedication and loaded it happily. For 4 years, ate about 10 hares, nor a single chair or wire, only hares. Play with this hare, sleep with this hare, run with this hare.

And now there are more hares. There are rats, bears and other toys. But there are hares. The dog does not play with them, you need your hare, to which it has been accustomed to for 4 years.

Dear IKEA, returns, please, hares, or at least tell me where to get them. Maybe they were some in a tank? I would buy a few, to 30 hares.

P. S. This is not a joke, I really need hares from IKEA. My dog is sad without them.”

Evgeny Lebedev

The representative of IKEA said with regret that those hares really are no longer produced, and hoped that the dog could find a new friend in other toys: the owner of the dog was invited to the store to pick one you like.

Unfortunately, according to Evgeny, such a scheme does not work: the heart of the dog belongs to a model toy, and Jake does not recognize the rest. And then users of the internet came to the rescue.

People from all over the world began to search for hares in the stores of IKEA: someone suggested sending a toy from another country. Even has answered a girl from New Zealand! Others were willing to say goodbye to their own hares for this cute dog stop him from feeling sad.

The sites of online sales also did part of the quest: one of them promised to add bonuses to all that decide to sell their hare, while another gave Evgeny the right to be the first to know about new ads that included the prized toy.

All ended well: in less than a day they managed to find several toys. The owner of the dog thanked sincerely to all who were not indifferent, and now Jake you are guaranteed a good mood, because his old friend will always be near.

“Friends, thank you for your comments and willingness to help! It seems that we have already found the required number of hares for the next few years. It is a reaction wonderful wonderful people! Thank you!”

Evgeny Lebedev

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