This radar will “regañara” every time you use the cell phone while driving

The use of the technology came to the county Norfolck, where they implemented a radar that will notify the motorists every time they are using their cell phones while they are driving.

The technology of radars will be able to tell the respective authorities, that is in violation of the law at the time of doing these two activities that put in risk his life and that of other persons who may collide against him.

The state partnered with the company Westcotec to develop a radar that not only detect if someone is using the phone, but also notifying them of the wrong they are doing.

In order to do this, the company is based on the signals of Bluetooth , which emits the car is moving, this way you will know what kind of signals you are using at that precise moment, whether it be mobile devices or if they are the same car.

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When a signal is detected that indicates that the cell is being used inside the car, the same radar will send a message that will say “Stop using your phone”, appearing in an intermittent manner to that just the driver pay attention only to the road.

Margaret Dewsbury, chairman of the Committee of Communities of Norfolk, commented on how happy she is with the covenant that he made with the Westcotec:

“To use a mobile phone while driving is a major distraction and in addition to being illegal, it puts in danger the life of the driver, passengers and pedestrians. We are delighted to have been able to partner with Westcotec to try the new technology in Norfolk”.

With this implementation it is planned that the user will know that you are being tracked and that it must stop sending messages or make calls while driving, and while at the moment, the radar can’t register the license plate and fine people, it is planned that this action comes later.

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