This would be the name of Avengers 4, according to new filtration

Someone stuck his paw in Marvel Films. The director of photography preferred the brothers Russo, who was in charge of Avengers: Infinity War, and the last two installment of the Captain America -Civil War and Winter Soldier-would have revealed “by accident” the name of the future film, and maximum super-production of the house, Avengers 4.

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The thing happened when Trent Opaloch, in charge of the cinematography of the films recent of the franchise, he went up his resume to the Internet and already included the that would be the name of Avengers 4, that would be called Avengers: End Game. The name came from the phrase that mentions Dr. Strange (Bennedict Cumberbatch) in Infinity War when he sees the 14-million possible future of the battle against Thanos.

It should be noted that the information for nothing has been confirmed by Marvel Films, but Opaloch has been a key member in recent years to the home of Disney, so the filtration especially.

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In addition, after the filtration began to be disseminated by various means, Opaloch blotted out Avengers: Ena Game of your resume and replaced by Avengers 4, which basically is a confirmation because it can justify the title, though all of this is speculation.

As it is, much before the premiere in the summer of 2019 is that we will leave doubts about this film, that will be the most important in the history of nearly 20 films related to the franchise and is shaping up as a candidate for the highest grossing movie of the story.

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