This would be the price and exit to the market of the Galaxy Note 9

The new smartphone from Samsung is one of the devices most anticipated of the year, and one of those who at this moment is attracting the attention of all the international media, since its presentation is scheduled for the 9th of August in the city of New York.

We had already mentioned in previous notes that it was very probable that seeps a lot of information around the device, such as designs, photographs, and prices, in fact, this last detail is the one that is filtering the today, where he is said to have been an employee of Samsung who revealed this detail in a private meeting with some partners to talk about this new device.

As mentioned at the meeting, the Galaxy Note 9 you will begin to be sold for $1,158 dollars in its version with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, that the exchange rate is approximately $21,800 MXN. If we consider that the Galaxy Note 8 began to be sold at a price very similar, then it is likely that the Galaxy Note 9, is sold in Mexico for an approximate total of $22,900 USD, and it is unlikely that the price is superior to the previous version, especially if we consider that there will be no major changes between one generation and another.

Likewise, the same employee revealed the date of exit to the market, pointing to the next Tuesday, August 24th in the major markets of the world, and because of that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ went on sale simultaneously in Mexico and the united States, it is likely that the Galaxy Note 9 to arrive in our country on the same day in the USA.

This information may only be confirmed until the day of the presentation, where the team of Unocero will take all the details of this new device.

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