This simple test will reveal that as a scholar you are

The definition of “erudition” comes from the Latin and means “a profound knowledge in a certain type of knowledge”. Scholarship is often confused with the level of education. These words are synonyms, but a learned person is consequently, well-educated, and a person who has academic training is not always scholarly. This test will show what type of people you belong to. compiled for you a number of statements, one of which is truth and the other is a lie. Your task consists in committing the least amount of errors possible.

10. The driest place on Earth is located in Antarctica

9. Sydney is the capital of Australia

8. The size of the eyes of the human being change during your life

7. The Everest is the highest mountain on the planet

6. Some australians prefer caves instead of houses

5. Between Russia and the united States there are only 4 kilometres away

4. The Golden Gate bridge is made of gold

3. The japanese are leaders in life expectancy

2. In the chilean city of Calama has not rained in 40 years

1. The electric chair was created by a dentist

Perhaps there is amongst us a true scholar or a lucky one who was able to distinguish the statements, correct the false in the 10 cases? Please share your result in the comments!

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