This is what Google offers after the fall of YouTube

Last week, YouTube suffered from a drastic drop of two hours that left all kinds of public, without content, even to those who consume the services of YouTube TV and YouTube Music, so to repair this damage, Google has offered an apology to a very special.

The compensation that the platform will give them to their subscribers, it will be a week of free credit, or what is the same, free service for seven days.

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According to the note that Google wrote to them to their users, this gift in the form of apology you may claim up to the Wednesday, October 24:

“We regret the unexpected interruption of YouTube TV on the 16th of October, we love television as much as you, and our goal is to make sure that you can access your events and programs, when you want and how you want. To help you do this well, we would like to give you a week of free service”.

It is important to emphasize that this offer will be available until 11:59 pm, Pacific time, and should be cashed out in the course of the day so you don’t miss it.

The way in which you can make use of the week free credit is very simple, as you only need to give the email of the account of YouTube TV and fill out a form. and Partners.

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