This is all you need to know before you buy a smartphone

Not a smartphone, but thousands of them are produced day by day, because of the demands of the people deserve and this is due primarily, we wish to obtain the updates that have the latest models, but do you really need all of these tools?

Insurance is a question that several have raised, but when the power of marketing does his thing, it is inevitable to fall into their networks, however, before that takes place the following purchase, you can take into account some aspects that will help you to make a decision much better analyzed.

This comes after noticing the constant releases from cellular companies such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi , and Samsung, to name a few, are taking the market to billions of people can access it on the go on sale.

Known cell phones that emit less radiation

With this basis, enlistarán features such as screen size, battery life and above all the memory storage, that are of the utmost importance to the life so busy that the users have currently.

It should be noted that the purpose of this list, is that people look at these points before you buy a phone, so I don’t really recommend any type or model in specific, because that will depend directly from each of the users and the needs they have.

Operating System

do iOS or Android? This is the eternal question that generates a series of discussions among the people, because despite the fact that there are many more options, these two top the list, for this is that it will discuss these.

Both systems are very good, not by anything they have divided people, since iOS is simple and functional, while Android, to have an open-source code, makes their availability is found in many brands and you are not married to a single.

Also, is the fact of the customization, which is one of the main attractions for the users; therefore, if you want to have a great deal of freedom in terms of apps from alternative shops, widgets and even in the keyboard, Android is right for you, but if you are used to a finite system that only accepts what is done for their brand not to take risks of malware, iOS is the choice.

As you can notice, the two operating systems are good and on the whole, reliable, so that anyone can be used in the present time, as we are trained to endure all the power with which you perform certain activities “rough” of daily life.

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Memory RAM

Like computers, smartphones need of a good RAM that can run applications and processes on the device, so it will depend a lot on what it is going to occupy, the decision of what is right, but the preferable thing is that you choose a model that has more than 2GB and that this well optimized.

This latter arises because they may fear a memory RAM low, but a high-performance, which is caused by the optimization of the system. Based on this, is that if you want a phone resistant to the future (with new updates, apps, and tools), it is recommended that the more, the better.

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Memory storage

This point is similar to the previous one, since we are talking about the space available with the user account to save your photos, videos, and images in general, that is why it is important to have a smartphone with more than 16 GB, to avoid the erase all media content, which evokes a series of memories in people and above all, to not make it slow the processes that you want to embark on it simultaneously.

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All the elements mentioned herein, are important because from them depends a lot on the functionality of the phone, however, when speaking of the processor, we speak of the heart of the device.

This is said because it depends on the performance and the updates of the smartphone, as well as the use of various games or apps demanding, as they become the editors of photos, therefore you must have a powerful processor, such as Qualcomm, Exynos from Samsung, or the Kirin of Huawei.

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Size of the screen

Once more, the use that will be given to a mobile, is the basis of the decision, because it will depend on if you choose a screen large or small; all the time if it is acquiring multimedia content such as videos and movies, or reading books, the cell of minimum 5.5 inches onwards, are the ones you should choose.

In contrast, if you only will be using it to play once in a while or be on the lookout for social networks, a mobile with a screen of 5 inches or less, will be very well.

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That is good, beautiful, cheap and with good battery, that is the motto of people who want to buy a new phone, because they know that the way in which it will be used will be constant, almost 24/7, and based on that and usually the batteries should last a day or day and a half, is that you must buy a phone that at least has 3,000 mAh (miliamperio per hour).

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People love taking photos of everything that they can, because they are a way of remembering (or brag about) what they have seen or experienced, so a camera with many megapixels, it will be to your liking, you just need to see the relationship that it has with the other tools, as this will help to improve the quality of the images.

Therefore, we must pay attention to details like the zoom, the HDR (the process of optimization of shot), the Led Flash, panorama mode, stabilization, and burst mode, as these will allow users to have more control over the images, which is pleasing too.

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Network connection and dual SIM

These points that at first glance you would think that do not have a relationship, have an important link, because one depends on the other, that is to say, if you have a SIM with a package where the connection to the network is the only service to hire, then you are a more economic and functional, because the other SIM, you can focus on different features, such as what could be the only make and receive calls.

This, coupled with the connection to the network is paramount, it is said that a smartphone with a 4G connection is the best option, since it has a higher speed to navigate and, therefore, to perform jobs quickly.

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