This are all the products that Google introduced today in New York

Today Google has celebrated its third event known as #MadeByGoogle in which you have presented the renewal of its family of hardware, which of course highlights the new Pixel 3, its first tablet with Chrome OS, a Google Home screen, the third generation of the Chromecast and more.

Clear that one of the biggest surprises are not only hardware products, but the efforts that the company has ever done in software to achieve that the Pixel with a single camera have results never before seen in a smartphone, or how to paint the future of Android and Chrome OS with the Pixel Slate.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Although many expected a different design, the leaks were real, the Pixel 3 XL is the first computer Google with notch, however, there are several surprises that we didn’t see in all the leaks of the past few months.

The full specs are the following:

The Pixel 3 given 6 months of Youtube Music to its customers, in addition to that Google boasts that they have one of the best sounds on a phone today thanks to its dual front speaker.

The camera also has improved, all thanks to the AI (artificial intelligence), and that is despite the fact that we continue to have a single camera, there are new functions that relocate to the Pixel 3 as one of the best phones in photography.

Pixel Visual Core is the processor star that allows the photographs to be as spectacular, and with that we have features like Top Shot, that will do a burst of photos, so you always have the best photo of that special moment.

Super Res Zoom is a kind of tele digital, which is why Google has not included a second sensor with these characteristics, however, have not given many details of the potential of this new function.

And finally we have Night Sight, the function that will greatly enhance the night pictures and/or dark thanks to the AI, giving results that are really surprising, and probably superior to those of the Huawei P20 Pro.

The front camera now features a second sensor that is a wide angle and allows selfies with more friends without having to make an effort supernatural to zoom in on the phone of our faces. This function as we saw in the LG V40 ThinQ.

Pixel Slate

The first tablet from Google with Chrome OS is official, and comes to compete directly against the Surface Go from Microsoft and the iPad Pro from Apple.

Google mentions that this new Pixel Slate is the perfect combination of a computer for entertainment and productivity, because we must not forget that it is also compatible with hundreds of Android applications.

The Pixel, that Slate has a screen Ultra-HD also has two speakers that offer a listening experience unmatched in this type of devices. In addition, customers of the Pixel, that Slate will be 3 months of YouTube TV in the united States.

It features an 8-MP camera, both front and rear with the that we can also do the famous portrait mode.

Google has mentioned that their new tablet is also secure thanks to automatic updates that protect you against viruses and also provide you with the latest news of Chrome OS.

And as expected, we also have a retractable keyboard that will allow you to use the Pixel Slate as a computer, this to write much faster, so we can use this tablet for office works.

The Pixel, that Slate will begin to be sold at $ 599 (11,400 MXN) in the US, Canada and Australia, and the retractable keyboard will have a price of 199 dollars ($3,800 USD), while the touch pen we will be able to get it for $ 99 (1,900 MXN).

Google Home Hub

The first Google Home screen it’s official, Google gets the you for you with Amazon, which is its main rival in this type of products. This equipment has the same functions as other Google Home, that is to say, we can interact with it through voice, but the results are also displayed on the screen, that is to say, now you will see a map when you ask how long are we going to do our work, or we’ll see the weather on the screen when we ask questions about it.

The Google Home Hub has a 7 inch touch screen, but the screen cannot be separated from the device. The computer needs to be connected to the power supply and its price in the united States will begin in the 149 dollars, that is to say, about 2,900 MXN.

We have a new feature called Home View , with which we will be able to control other smart devices connected to our home, this way the Google Home Hub becomes the control center of our home.

And if they wanted more, because we have more, as they also reach the Live Albums, with which we can see photographs of our account of Google Photos directly on the screen of the Google Home Hub, so that the functions of this device go beyond just using your screen when you ask for information to Google Assistant.

In development… and Partners.

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