These Galaxy S9 and S9+ gold worth more than 100 thousand pesos

The iPhone is not the only phone that can be bathed in gold and sold to a very public select the world, because now the Galaxy S9 also have been created in special editions of gold of 24 carats, platinum and 18-carat pink gold, which have prices above $ 3,000.

Has the company been of customization of luxury cars with headquarters in London, Truly Exquisite, that has been in charge of the decoration of these devices, by replacing the side metal and glass cover for any of the materials mentioned above.

Truly Exquisite is starting to sell the latest phones of Samsung with any of these materials at $3,679 $ and $3,880 $ for the S9 and S9+ respectively, that is to say, between 75 thousand and 78 thousand mexican pesos.

On the other hand, we also have a more expensive option that includes crocodile skin in colors of black, gray, red, and blue, which have a cost of $4,081 $ and $,4281 dollars respectively, that the exchange rate would be 84 thousand and 88 thousand mexican pesos.

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But that’s not all, if the customers want also a limited edition with art of etched lines with a dragon, tiger or lion, then the price to pay will be $4750 usd for the S9 and $4950 $ by S9+, which means that we will pay you between 97 thousand and 102 thousand mexican pesos.

With respect to the specifications, the Galaxy S9 is 64GB of internal storage, while the S9+ is the version of 128 GB of internal storage, both with the possibility of increasing its storage capacity with a microSD memory of up to 400 GB.

What you seem to these editions of the Galaxy S9 and S9+?

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