These habits morning don’t help you lose weight, but on the contrary

The morning imposes the mood and the pace for the entire day, including your routine food. Will it be large or small share of the lunch? How to use our body the calories obtained or saved “just in case”? To all this, you will respond the rituals that are followed in the morning, many of whom, are carried out as usual that it is almost impossible to detect them. found scientific evidence to demonstrate the relationship between our habits and the risk of causing an imbalance in our body, making you gain extra pounds.

1. Refusing to eat a hearty breakfast

The time of day you eat is more important than what we eat. The scientists from the University of Tel Aviv have confirmed that a diet based on a plentiful breakfast and a light evening meal is more effective at normalizing the weight that a daily routine with a schedule with different snacks frequent, but light.

And all because, during the day, varies the intensity of our metabolism. The main conclusion at which they arrive, the scientists is the following: do not deprive yourself of a breakfast packed with energy and rich in calories. The lunch should be of medium size and dinner, the lightest possible.

2. Ignore the opportunity to stroll under the sun

The sunlight literally burns fat. At least the subcutaneous layer of white adipose tissue. Scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada have shown experimentally that, under the influence of the visible spectrum, the particles of lipids, they reduce their volume, leave the cell freely and is removed from the body.

This finding partially explains why, in winter, people who experience a lack of sunlight, weight gain. But remember: it is also dangerous to abuse the rays of the sun.

3. Do not take a glass of water when waking up

The body of an adult contains 55-60 percent water, according to explain the scientists, so you take a glass of water when you are awake is a true gift to your body. The water speeds up the metabolism, which reduces the risk of deposition of fat and helps to remove toxins from the body. Chris Bailey, author of articles that deal with productivity, claims that, when he began to take a glass of water every day as an experiment, got the amount of fat in your body descendiense from 17 to 10 percent.

4. Do not do exercises

In addition to the obvious benefits, like burning calories or speed up your metabolism, physical activity in the morning also reduces your appetite! During an experiment, researchers from the University of Northumbria (Uk) have discovered that people who were already accustomed to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, during the day, ate smaller portions than those that do not did.

The explanation, in principle, lies in the “wake-up” exercises. Those who do will tone up and those who did not, literally, “eat” the stress of an early morning wake up for breakfast and lunch. It is also proven that doing exercises on an empty stomach, in terms of weight loss, it is 20 percent more efficient than performing the same exercises during the day.

5. Book the delicious food, rich in calories, for lunch or dinner

If you cannot resist to sweets and desserts, try eating it at the start of the day. This is another conclusion of a study conducted by scientists from the University of Tel Aviv, who confirmed the changes in the intensity of metabolism during the day. A cake that has been eaten in the morning will add less extra inches to your waist the same delight consumed by the night. This is certainly the case in which a dessert what desayunas only, at lunch and share it with a friend and dinner is what you give to your worst enemy!

6. Read news in the morning

The fear and the irritation caused by reading the news in the morning can affect your health. Especially, if this process overlaps with an ongoing lack of sleep. And is that prolonged stress causes the transformation of stem cells “undecided” in the cells of adipose tissue.

How this works, explained the scientists from the University of Stanford in California (USA). Under the effect of stress, the body produces hormones that help to adapt to the new conditions. If the stress is short-term, there occurs the formation of a new adipose tissue-based stem cells. But if this is prolonged, it starts a mechanism of “saving calories”. And even if we eat less, we will not be able to lose weight until the body comes out of that stressful situation.

7. Underestimate the help of pets

A dog can become a good companion to go running in the morning and a cat you can be of assistance during your stretching or practicing yoga. The owners of pets find it easier to control your weight. This fact is also confirmed by various studies. In addition, the communication with the pet and take care of it leads to positive emotions, reduces the level of stress, that in the opposite case, the awakening of that desire to compensate for that absence with a good dessert.

Did you ever saw you have to change your habits morning? Does this helped you to improve your health, relationships with loved ones or quality of life, in general? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments.

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