These are the 18 best smartphones to view YouTube, according to Google

The video playback is the future of Internet consumption, well, in fact it is virtually the present. That’s why generators of content and social networks to orient their strategies towards the media, and today Google has just given a great example of this.

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And is that the Mountain View presented his new program YouTube Signature Devices, which is a certification awarded by the video platform world’s largest for smartphones best qualified to reproduce material from the social network.

“These smartphones can give you the best experience YouTube in your class by combining technologies of next generation, performance, video, and reliability. With a Signature Device you can enjoy videos, HDR, 360 ° immersive video and fast load, all while using broadband,” says YouTube in the presentation of the project within the new site created to display certified devices.

The first generation of YouTube Signature Devices is headed by the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (obviously) and other phones from Sony, HTC, OnePlus, LG, Xiaomi, Nokia, Google and Huawei, but there is no Apple iPhone, which has drawn particular attention. The Google rating also includes data such as the size of the screen and the resolution it offers.

So, these are the 18 smartphones certified by YouTube to view the millions of videos. Congratulations! and Partners.

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