Students of the IPN to create App for safe transport in Mexico

Speaking of mexicans able to, three students of the Centre of Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyT) 11 ‘Wilfrido Massieu’ of the National Polytechnic Institute created a mobile app to ensure safe transportation to the student and teachers of this house of studies.

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The tool is called the City Pool and for now is available only to students in the CECyT 11, although the idea is so good, that they will seek the way to take it to several educational institutions more. The app was created as a way to develop a network of private transport that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles registered (students, teachers, and workers of the school).

With City Pool drivers registered set routes or destinations, so that all users can choose a trip and connect with the route, a choice of travel completely safe and very inexpensive.

In accordance with Angel Gabriel García Sainz, Cesar Rodrigo Gonzalez Prado and José Luis Morales Ramirez, City Pool arose from the need to resolve the way of the cross to that face students and academic community to come to their institutions with transport saturated, unworthy, and many times insecure.

The developers explained that in order to make the app, first made a research to post to the teachers, support staff and students who have a vehicle and would like to register for this project.

To start a trip, the driver enters the route or destination to which it is addressed and in the application there are the people who are near and who go to the same address to get in contact and start the route.

If a user wants to order a trip you must put the address that is found to be located for a driver to go to the same address. The application enables the person to know the data and rating of the driver to decide if you choose to go with him or find another.

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