Scientific study shows that Wario is the best Mario Kart character

When it comes to video games there is a discussion eternal when it comes to choosing characters, and the history of Mario Kart is excellent example of this. But, what would happen if we used the science data to end once and for all with the doubts and finally know the best of the drivers available?

This is what Nintendo announced at the #E32018

As this idea passed through the head of Henry Hinnefeld, a scientific data for Civis Analytics, who applied his knowledge to determine which was the better driver in Mario Kart 8, the popular sequel of the franchise to Nintendo Switch, and the verdict can be unexpected. It is nothing less than… (drum roll) … it’s WARIO!

According to a report from Tech Times, Hinnefeld made a rigorous study of mathematics to get these results to analyze the pros and cons of each one of the characters that appear in Mario Kart 8. The scientist chose to apply a method known as Pareto optimum, which applies to situations is that there are a limited amount of resources, and the multiple possible outcomes are determined by the way in which they use those resources.

All these data are subsequently rewarded, and produce a curve called the frontier of Pareto. When applied the method to all the characters in the title of Nintendo, the candidate who came out with the best curve was nothing less than “Anti-Mario”, also known as Wario.

Hinnefeld went up their results and graphs to a page of Medium , where it explains that the source of their curiosity to do this study comes from the fans that a whole generation of children, him included, had for this great franchise of Mario Kart from its origins in the Super NES.

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