Europe fine with 4340 million euros to Google for its apps on Android

Google faces a fine new multimillion-dollar part of the European Commission, which has confirmed the day a new sanction to Google for abuse of power on the Android because of the applications of the company such as Gmail, Play Store, Google Duo, etc, a Reason for which you must pay 4,340 million euros.

Last year the European Commission had imposed a fine to the company headed by Sundar Pichai of 2,400 million euros for monopolistic practices with Android, but now the fine is almost double that in 2017.

According to the commissioners, Google should not force users to use their app store, and neither should force the manufacturers to install the Google Apps, however, Google is not obliged actively to install their applications to manufacturers in Europe, but the commissioners mentioned that the company if it exercises pressure, and prevents healthy competition by asking users who use the services of Google from the Play Store.

Google must pay a fine historical in Europe for “abuse of their products”

For its part, Sundar Pichai mentioned that the intention of Android is to give more options, not less, and that even the users can uninstall any application from your phone, something that is true, but that is not very easy to do for most of the users, especially with applications like YouTube, Gmail or Google Play Services, because in this case you should get permissions to super user.

Sundar Pichai will meet with the commissioners in europe to agree to the terms of the sanction, and thus be able to reduce the amount of the fine. In addition, the European Commission mentions that Google must allow each manufacturer and operator to install the applications that they choose.

What is striking is that the European Commission does not investigate Apple for the same practices, because Apple does the exact same thing of what you have accused Google, even Sundar Pichai argued the how to Android has been a way of competition for Apple in the old continent in favor of the users.

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