Ex-engineer, Tesla returns to Apple and then get the AUCH!

Apple has spent years working on the development of their own self, which is rumoured to have said that will be driving autonomous. Although we do not know many details of the car in the company of the apple officially, we have a small update: a former engineer at Tesla returns to Cupertino to continue with the construction of this car.

The Apple Car already would have price and release date

The engineer, Doug Field from the beginning worked for Apple in the development of your own self, although he moved to Tesla in the year 2013 to be able to work on the Model 3 from Tesla. However, it was confirmed on Thursday night that Doug Field returns to the team of Bob Mansfield, who is in charge of Project Titan, more well known as the Apple Car.

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Field had been one of the key pieces for the development of the economic model of Tesla. According to reports, the Project Titan has regressed considerably since its initial scope, with hundreds of people leaving the division, because it is said that Apple is focused on searching for partners from automotive manufacturing to software self-management.

In terms of the development of the Apple Car, in May of this year, it was revealed that the company led by Tim Cook has already reached a fleet of 62 autonomous cars in the state of California, indicating that it is going to make competition to Tesla with your driving autonomous.

Until now, Apple has explained little about the scope of your project car without a driver, although have been seen testing their vehicles driving around the city. Also court documents filed last month indicated that up to 5,000 workers were authorized within the company to access information about Titan.

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