Is there a best position for sleeping? Science has answers

What we all know: sleep is a necessity to allow the rest of the body. However, many times we suffer from insomnia or sleep problems. What will be the position that we use for sleeping is appropriate? Will there be a best? This is what science tells us:

Although there probably will not be a better position, there is a criterion which can generally be used: if you fall asleep and when you wake up you don’t have pain or discomfort rare, then it is likely that the posture in which you sleep is correct.

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Now, if when you get up you feel discomfort various, muscle aches, feeling especially tired, perhaps you are not sleeping in the right posture. For example, it has been shown in scientific studies to sleep on the right side seems to make the strongest stomach acidity. The reason seems to be the high content of fats, which remains higher in term of acid in the esophagus. Therefore, it is recommended to change posture and better yet, get rid of some fats and perhaps a change in posture, for example, sleeping, supporting the body against the bed on the left side.

On the other hand, the research in this regard indicate that sleeping on the left side may improve the circulation. The body returns blood to the heart from the right side and then, if you sleep on the left side, it implies that these vessels will not be compressed by the own body weight.

In fact, it is recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side because a better blood flow means more blood and nutrients to the placenta. Also, in this posture, it prevents the growing uterus compress the liver, which is to the right.

It should be noted that these studies have been done on many occasions in mice, by which, if they have a value these observations in rodents, sleep on the right side also helps the brain, but since then, this is still a speculation based on these studies, but nothing more. In the Journal of Neuroscience, 2015, through magnetic resonance imaging, found that eight rodents, sleeping on the right side did better than sleeping face down or on your back.

But regardless of that the studies with mice whether or not they show any “truth” is scientific, what is clear is that sleeping face down is a bad idea, because it exerts pressure on the entire body and is not good for the spine.

Another problem may be the pillow. A is too high it can cause neck pain. So if the reader feels pain in that region, or sleeping face down, well you should change posture and use a pillow less high. This can be a good solution.

What that refers to sleep face up, the position of the spine is a neutral position, which can be good for when you have back pain. The head should be slightly higher always, with the idea of keeping the stomach acid out of the esophagus and reduce the acidity in the stomach. The problem that may arise is that this can cause snoring because it hinders a little bit the flow of air. So for those who snore, this is not the best posture.

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