#ExpedientesSecretosUC 👽 5 threads of suspense in Twitter that will make you question the reality

October is the month of horror, the Night of Witches, start to buy pan de muerto, but more important, the Dossiers Secrets Unocero.

We have reached the era in which the horror stories come not from our grandparents, or pijamadas in adolescence. The internet has become an inexhaustible source of the strange, the grotesque and the horrorífico, and is full of stories that make you question everything you believe in.

This is my fear when buying products on the Internet

Twitter is now the tool par excellence to tell stories of suspense through threads that leave you without sleep for a tweet at the same time. Sure you’ve already come across some of these stories and if not, well, good luck trying to decipher if what you read is fake or real. Because there is something more fearful than the horror, and doubt.

Dear David

Adam Ellis is an illustrator, known for his cartoons in Buzzfeed, which late last year began to perceive and SEE strange things in your home. It all started with a dream very real and ended up in some pictures we are suitable for anyone.

If you don’t like stories with dead children, and very evil, better to go to the next thread.

Red Monkey

This thread really kept us glued for several days. A girl found a phone in the street and wanted to try to be good person and find the owner. In this case, being a good person brought nothing good.

Without realizing it ends up solving puzzles that they are getting closer to a shadowy organisation. It didn’t end at all well.

Without a doubt, the thread of suspense in 2018.

It is so brutal this thread of truth that we don’t want to tell you how it ends.

Manueal Bartual

Manuel Bartual is an artist and director that began to happen very strange things when he decided to leave a couple of days of vacation.

It all started when he realized he was not alone, and no, we speak not of ghosts or anything like that. Things got confusing, the only thing certain is that Manuel was in danger.

Something of which we are certain is that Manuel is a great storyteller, which is why not surprising{to know that he was one of the writers behind the thread on the Red Monkey…

Sam Sykes

Writers Sam Sykes and Chuck Wending begin to engage in a conversation on Twitter. Sykes is in a camp and base of questions and answers builds a novel that reminds us of “The massacre of Texas”.

This thread happened almost a year ago, gave rise today to a new series of terror call You Might Be The Killer. This is the trailer that came out last month:

The Sun vanished

A mysterious account called The Sun Vanished, or “The sun disappeared” emerged mysteriously on Twitter in April of this year and for MONTHS he devoted himself to narrating the life of a person who realizes that although the days pass the sun does not back out.

It is for that little detail that from the start we know that this is a tale of fiction, however, unlike the other threads, this is made up of tweets where viewers can interact and decide what is to be done after.

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