#ExpedientesSecretosUnocero 👽 : 4 murders that were solved by gadgets

The world can be a cruel, daily, we can experience events close to death, either by some accident or neglect, but many other times the people are victims of any murder, and unfortunately it is difficult to find the murderer until some gadget becomes a key part of solving the case.

For this reason here we leave the cases of murder, the most notorious were resolved thanks to the gadgets that were the victims or suspects at the time of the brutal crime.

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1 – Apple Watch: Australia, 2016

In September of 2016, the police in Australia he attended an emergency call where they reported a fatality in a house after an alleged armed robbery.

When authorities arrived they saw the body of Myrna Nilsson, while his daughter-in-law, Caroline Nilsson mentioned to the authorities that alleged thieves had entered the home and attacked the woman who lost her life because of blows by the assailants.

However, the forensic team reviewed the Apple Watch that he carried the victim in his wrist, analyzing the data of the clock in the moments in which he carried out the attack on the part of the assailants.

To carefully review all of the information is realized that the story of the daughter-in-law was false, as it had been 20 minutes since the victim is altered because of a fight with her daughter-in-law ended his life when attacked.

The police accused him of murder to Caroline Nilsson thanks to the data from the Apple Watch.

2 – Fitbit High HR:the united States, 2018

On 8 September Anthony Aiello visited his stepdaughter of 67 years, Karen Navarre, which was found dead several days after his visit with lesions in the head and neck, however, it was not known who could have been guilty of the crime.

Anthony was one of the suspects after he was one of the last people that are supposed to saw it with his life, but he denied having done the damage, arguing that he had left his stepdaughter in the home safe and healthy.

However, the data from the bracelet of physical activity known as Fitbit High HR were analyzed with the help of the company, which showed that the heartbeat of the victim began to raise his heart rate close to 15:20 the same day he was visited by his stepfather, and his heart stopped beating 8 minutes later.

With surveillance cameras it was discovered that it was the same time that Anthony visited the victim, in fact left the scene at 15:33 on the same day, so that investigators charged him with murder and he pleaded guilty.

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3 – iPhone: Germany, 2016

In October 2016, Maria Ladenburger, who was a medical student 19 years of age was murdered and thrown on the bank of a river in Germany, however, the police could not clarify the crime despite having arrested a suspect at the scene, which refused to provide the PIN of your iPhone for review.

However, a security firm managed to unlock the phone of the suspect and analyze the data of your phone, discovering that something odd was displayed in the Health app of the iPhone, where at the time of the murder of the victim, the suspect is supposed that he was going up or down stairs, a situation which the researchers related with the moment that brought the victim into the river where it was found.

To verify this, they had to do an experiment, in which a person of the same size and complexion of the suspect loaded a lump of the same weight of the victim, and did the same route that would have made the killer while the data were analyzed by the health app of the iPhone.

The data were exactly equal to those of the suspect, so that with the evidence he was accused of murder, a situation that ended up confessing after viewing the evidence in the investigation.

4 – Fitbit Charge: United States, 2015

In 2015, Connie Debate was murdered of a shot in the head, her husband mentioned that it was a murder caused by an intruder who entered the home of the victim only to perform this crime, however, Richard Debate became the main suspect after that showed signs of strangers fighting with the aggressor on the day in which the events occurred.

Fortunately for the researchers, Connie wore a wristband Fitbit, and were able to review the activity of the victim on the day of the murder, with these data found that the version given by the husband about the places that he had visited the wife along with him were false, as the woman had reported vital signs hours after the time that the husband had mentioned that they were attacked.

This led the police to thoroughly investigate the data of Richard back to back, discovering that he had a mistress, and that his wife had discovered, moreover, that the murder weapon was the same one that Richard had in his home.

The police mentioned that without the data of the bracelet Fitbit would not have been able to discover that the alibi of Richard, it was false.

5 – Alexa / Amazon Echo: the united States, 2017 (in process)

James Andrew Bates is the main suspect for the murder of Victor Collins, who was his friend and supposedly he drowned in a hot tub in the house of the suspect.

James mentioned that he invited Collins and another friend to his house to watch a football game, but after mid-night he went to sleep, and left his two friends in the tub, however, your other friend out of the house shortly after, and police have checked out his alibi, which leaves as the main suspect James.

The police noticed that James had at home a Amazon Echo with that controlled several products from your home, among them the music of the house, and it is that according to reports by the neighbors, at certain hours of the night the music sounded pretty strong, which it is supposed was the same time that killed Collins, and all this would have been to prevent the neighbors heard the cries for help of the victim.

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Amazon refused for a long time to provide data on Amazon Echo of James. but now the company has cooperated with the police to clarify if James was the one who chose the music for the voice, a situation that would throw his alibi, however, the police has not revealed information about the case.

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