#ExpedientesSecretosUnocero: fear itself has a face with the identity theft

The identity of the people, is one of the most important things that you have in this life, therefore, you have to treat it very well, because there are usually cases in which third parties like to do identity theft and be usurping without fear of anything.

Once these beings do this ytoman roles that do not belong to them, develop actions surprising that they are worthy of fear, because they surmise that either can happen, even to you who are reading this.

Alert due to theft of information, bank details and identity in Wi-fi to the Metro-CDMX

Not for nothing, the figures for identity theft have increased rapidly, just last month they detected 32 cases of identity theft in Mexico, where the victims fell plump to the alleged calls that were conducted by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

If that is in the City of Mexico, which await them to other countries where the culture of the financial security is not consolidated; so you better take care and learn from the following cases which will make the skin as well as chicken.

Surya Palacios: Millionaire of the night to the morning

Although many believe that to be a millionaire from one day to another, it is a very good experience, the reality is the opposite, and more so if the SAT arrives to investigate that your fortune was obtained illegally, how does this sound extreme? that’s the same thing that he felt Surya Palacios, a girl of Nayarit, suddenly he saw increased his bank account because of identity theft.

In 2009, the young student, began to notice that something strange was happening in her mind, because it was a series of deposits amounting to 800 million pesos, which was unusual because there was no reason whatsoever for this to happen. If the situation was not sufficiently rare, the SAT (servicio de administración Tributaria) began to inquire about her and where he had obtained the money.

Accordingly, it was found that the money of Palacios was a business of distilling and sale of ethyl alcohol, which is to be an amount too large that taxes had not been paid, took her to owe the tax 1,800 million pesos. The case was taken to court and it was there where it was discovered that the young man suffered from a theft of identity and, therefore, not been retaliated against.

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John Sileo: lightning can strike twice in the same place

The situations that are lived today, cyber security specialist, John Sileo demonstrates that bad things can happen more than one occasion, because it was not a victim of identity theft once, but that was two and one of them was executed by her best friend.

The first time was in the hands of a woman who very cleverly (or not), I checked the trash Sileo to find something of value and go that it did when it took several personal documents that showed their private information, so having this in hand, is made to pass by him to get credit and be able to buy a house in Florida.

The second occasion was performed by the that called your best friend, as the latter use their relationship with the specialist to steal the personal information of the customers that he had, to take your money and run; in total he took the pocket $ 30,000 , and although it was a sum low, cost him his reputation, his company and his freedom, because he wanted to put in jail for embezzling the capital.

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Lara Love and David Jackson: Neighbors from hell

This couple from California, instead of going to the big emporiums, focused on their own neighbors, because they were the main target of the hacking in computers, which they used to steal your identity and this way, buying all sorts of objects, even if they were so cynical that they took their wallets, mail, and other things that were in their cars.

In total, this couple hit 30 neighbours, whom they trusted them blindly, but they did not realize that they were a pair of drug addicts that suplantaban your identity to continue feeding your addiction.

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Wendy Brown: a mother’s love was too far away

When a mother steals the identity of his daughter, something is really wrong, proof of this is the case of Brown, who despite being 33 years old, supplanted his daughter, Jaimi 15 all to be able to be in the cheerleading team.

Wendy took the identity of her mother when she was away studying, because he saw this opportunity as unique, so he enrolled in the high school Ashwaubenon and tested in the cheerleading team, where she was very happy until I leave to attend, which was very rare for the directors of your school, so they decided to investigate what was going on with the “young”.

After you investigate and see that the real Jaimi never study there, they noticed that the mother suffered from bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders of the personality, which can be made to understand why he did it.

Anndorie Sachs: The mother who was not a mother

It was in 2006, when Anndorie Sachs received a call very particular: Division of Services for Children and Families of Utah, and although surprised took the phone, the worst part came when she explained that her newborn baby was positive for narcotics. The situation is shocking, but what was more when it was learned that Sachs was no longer using drugs and had not given birth within two years.

When it went to the bottom of this fact, it was discovered that Dorothy Bell Moran, gave him the information of Anndorie the staff at the hospital where their son was born, because she clearly was the one who had an addiction and didn’t want to be discovered or punished by the law.

At the time of making a recount of the facts, Anndorie Sachs recalled that his car was stolen recently and within him was his wallet with his drivers license, therefore, it was Moran who took it and stolen her identity.

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