Delayed ejaculation: the sexual disorder of most concern to the Spanish

According to a recent report published by the website medical Doctoralia, a sexual disorder known as delayed ejaculation, is the second disease is most sought after by the Spanish on the internet. As its name indicates, it is the reverse of premature ejaculation. The person who suffers it suffers from the inability to ejaculate while engaged in sexual intercourse, or during the period immediately following them. Some people can take up to 45 minutes or more to get it, and they just resulting in uncomfortable or painful. Although the patient may exitarse and have erections without problems, and (this is most important) so many times you are able to ejaculate normally when he masturbates. But, what is the origin of this situation?

The specialists have identified several triggers of this disorder. In the first place are the ones that have a physical origin. It is estimated that around 30% of the males affected by this problem suffer from it as a side effect of certain drugs, especially antidepressants, that can cause various types of sexual dysfunction. But it can also be caused by diseases such as diabetes or spinal cord injuries.

Despite this, it is estimated that the largest percentage of cases have a psychological origin. As we have already said, the patients in this group do not have any problem to ejaculate when masturbating, but are unable to do so (or it costs them a great effort) when they engage in intercourse or perform sexual games with another person. The drugs such as viagra in these cases are ineffective, because the problem lies not in the lack of desire or inability to have an erection. And, in addition, one of the side effects of such treatment is to delay a little the ejaculation, with which the tablet ends up being counterproductive.

The data handled by the American Urological Association, suggest that 4% of the male population suffers from this problem, either psychological or physical causes. Doctors claim that every man suffers at some time in their life problems to ejaculate, but that only is suffering from this condition to those men in whom this anomaly extends beyond six months.

In addition, when due to psychological causes, not being able to be treated with drugs that are normally used for male sexual dysfunction, ejaculation delayed just causing the person problems with their esteem that on many occasions, led him to avoid intimate relations with their couples to avoid facing up to this unpleasant situation.

According to figures provided by the Institute Sexological Murcia, the number of queries of men who are suffering has increased in the last ten years. That does not mean that there is now more cases, but that may simply be an effect of the proliferation of information on the internet and forums related to this topic, that have helped many men lose the shame and decide to seek help.

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