Facebook will block all users under the age of 13 years

To avoid that minors have access to the social network of Facebook, the company will begin to make some changes in their policies of age, since that does not allow children of 13 years or less can be part of the platform.

It is even said that this situation also will affect Instagram, where you are registered thousands of users who happen to be children and have a direct approach with inappropriate content for their age.

In this way, it is like both platforms will block those accounts that are suspected of their users are minors, even if they are not reported or are infraccionadas for other types of actions.

To be able to terminate such accounts, Facebook will ask users to prove in any way that you are 13 years or older, either with any official identification issued by the government of your country or the license to operate, if it is not this way, no one can enter to the social network.

By the time it is not known whether this fact will affect the numbers of companies in terms of users and advertising revenues, but apparently not afraid of it, because people have lost interest in Facebook, have gone to Instagram, achieving this way to preserve, in some way, the power that you have.

The age designated to create an account on face-book is 13 years, because after this is when the children can be benefited by the Law on the Protection of the Privacy of Children Online, which has and should be respected by companies who wish to obtain information from its users.

Facebook Messenger Kids is already available in Mexico and we met him

If this turns out to be a good measure of security for the integrity of the small, falls in a dilemma with the recently-launched Messenger Kids, which is a messaging service among children aged 6 to 12 years, which allows them to talk with other kids their age and even the parents have the control of it, it sounds a bit contradictory to create when they lack a year to be able to use Facebook and/or Instagram.

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