Facebook launches 3D photos with Artificial Intelligence

Facebook started to deploy a new function for its nearly 2,200 million users all over the world. It is a tool that turns normal photos into 3D images with depth, a promise he made during the F8 past and that now will begin to be available for anyone interested.

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The new function is called ‘3D Photos’ uses Artificial Intelligence to edit photos taken with your mode of ‘Portrait’ and make them three-dimensional to give it depth and movement. The function is only useful with images taken with smartphones that have dual cameras or with users that have used software (apps) to convert the image to this mode with depth.

The 3D Photos of Facebook will begin to be available when you create new posts and click on the menu “three points”; there you will see the option “3D Photo”; click it, select the photo you want to convert, put the caption (or not) and share it with others. It’s that easy. Any way, the social network shared a video tutorial for that there are no mistakes.

To take advantage of the new 3D Photos of Facebook, you can make your photos with several layers of depth from the shot by adding objects in the foreground and to focus manually; another way is to use colors contracting between the target and the background; use textures and lighting also helps.

The 3D Photo began to be distributed from this Wednesday, so stay tuned for when the new role to appear in your menu of options.

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