Facebook Messenger already will tell you if you’re chatting with fake accounts

On all sides, the technology platforms will continue to implement measures to improve the experience of its users. The latest great idea comes from Facebook Messenger, which would be implemented in the same year, a new feature that would notify subscribers when they are chatting with a false account.

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According to a report from Tech Times, the new function would identify suspicious accounts to send direct messages in Messenger is not requested to users of Facebook. Also inform the country of origin of the contact using the phone number registered.

Concept art of the new function. motherboard.vice.com

“We are working on a way to provide people with more context about the people that may not have been connected before,” said project Dayla Browne, part of the team that works on improvements of the App of Facebook Messenger.

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The measure is taken to help users make better decisions with regard to the contacts that accept and avoid fraudulent communications, although it is not a foolproof system. For example, if a person wants to create a false account can overlook such identifiers by registering a phone number from a different country and using a previous account to deceive other people.

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