Facebook introduces Portal, your speaker, intelligent with a camera and screen to make video calls

Facebook has presented this Monday Portal, a smart device with a screen for communication via video calls with the contacts of the social network Facebook and the messaging application Messenger.

Portal uses the artificial intelligence applied to the camera and sound in the experience of the video call. It is a device that allows you to keep conversations with contacts from Facebook and Messenger popping up of whole-body and hands free. Supports group discussions of up to seven members.

As explained by the company in a press release, users can call through Portal to their contacts in the social network, even if they don’t have the device. It also has support for the wizard of Amazon, Alexa, which allows you to control it using voice commands.

Portal is available in two sizes, a standard one, with a screen of 10 inches in horizontal disposition and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and Portal+, with a size of 15 inches, vertical, and resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and a base that allows pivot.

The company has assured that they are aware that security and privacy are important when users bring new technology to their homes. In this sense, it has highlighted a number of different tools that allow you to manage these two parameters, such as the ability to turn off both the camera and the microphone, or the establishment of a password.

Regarding privacy, the company has specified that “not listening nor sees, nor saves the contents of the video calls”. All communication through this device is encrypted, and both the camera and the microphone has a local operation, that is to say, are not linked with the servers of Facebook.

Facebook has also ensured that the camera lacks facial recognition, and that it can’t recognize the user. Yes that’s sent to the company’s servers, voice commands after you say “Hey, Portal” -command that activates the device, although the speech history, has been tempered, you can delete it.

Portal as Portal+ are available in pre-purchase in the united States, at a price of $ 199 for the standard model and $ 349 for the larger size. Shipments will be made in November.

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