Facebook test digital pashokjes

Online clothing order often remains a guess. For lack of a fitting room is the always the question of whether the size is right, or that you are good. Facebook puts augmented reality in order for this problem to provide a solution.

The company is introducing a Video Creation Kit for advertisers. That allows video ads to build an augmented reality approach. As an example, to see how a Facebook-user, a virtual pair of sunglasses to turn on and off different colors can choose. If you are satisfied, then you can see a purchase option. Or ask your Facebook friends how they find.

Not the first

Advertisers may from August with this tool to get started. The digital pashokjes are then not only back to see on Facebook, but also Instagram and Messenger. Facebook is not the first with this idea. So there already is an app from Ikeathat lets you virtual house that you can decorate. That works only on iPhones with iOS 11 or higher.

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