Facebook-vpn collects usage data for self-interest

Who use a vpn, do this usually to online not followed. Facebook advertising is now a private vpn in the Facebook app, Onavo. But in doing so, you reach precisely the opposite. Facebook looks secretly involved with everything you do.

In the iOS version of the Facebook app (also Dutch) users a new option in the main menu: Protect. As soon as you tap, you get in the App Store, and then Onavo download. What is not clear is, is that Onavo is part of Facebook and your data with the parent company shares.

Once you have the vpn enabled, your mobile data is now provided via the servers of Facebook efficient. And how that, in a certain sense, indeed, allows for some anonymity on the rest of the internet, you play Facebook also information about the websites you visit and even which apps you used.

Last year, The Wall Street Journal all agree on these practices. So would the by Onavo early have been aware of the fact that many users Snapchat suddenly the four of us, even for the company behind Snapchat that itself brought out.


Facebook says in his stand by allowing users to choose their data with Facebook to share. It still feels a little dirty, because the information offered is congested. For example, in the privacy policy, which few people read.

It is also recommended to the insidious Facebook-vpn not to use. There are plenty of good alternatives. Thereof is not always entirely clear what is being monitored and what is mer that info is done… but Facebook already know enough of you, isn’t it?

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