Facebook will no longer be able to obtain the data of the users of WhatsApp

Ago 4 years Facebook purchase of WhatsApp, and since then the company has sought the way to get the data of the application users of instant messaging most used in the world to be able to grow their economic power, however, things have not gone well for Facebook, especially in the european countries.

Recall that some months ago the European Commission fined Facebook by 110 million euros due to that at the time that the company bought WhatsApp, it had been mentioned that do not bind the accounts of both services to get information of the users, however, it was found that Facebook had lied, reason that cost him a fine millionaire to the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

And despite the fine, Facebook has sought ways to continue to get the data of WhatsApp, well, at least in the American continent, the company does not have any legal problem to do so, however, in the European Union privacy standards are much more stringent, and for this reason Elizabeth Denham, who is responsible for compliance with the “General Data Protection Regulation” has mentioned that WhatsApp and Facebook are in breach of the Data Protection Act.

This could certainly result in a fine new millionaire to Facebook, however, the company has had to yield to an agreement with the United Kingdom in that ensures the data privacy of the users of WhatsApp, both companies are obligated to stop sharing user data between them from today onwards.

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And despite the fact that by now this agreement will begin in Uk, will be available throughout the European Union for the month of may.

In addition, in the agreement it has been established that in the case that WhatsApp wants to share its users ‘ data with Facebook, or other companies, then the company will have to inform their users and provide the right tools so that each person may control the transfer of their data, in part or in full.

This could be a problem for Facebook, especially because in Europe there are a large number of users that ensures the privacy of their data, a situation that is detrimental economically to Facebook.

Have to wait and see if WhatsApp will provide users with the necessary tools to decide if they want to share or not to share data with Facebook, and we hope that the american governments to take note about this case, and apply more stringent laws related to the privacy of personal data for this type of companies.

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