‘Fake news’ on WhatsApp cause deaths and as well respond

The fake news have become the cancer of the social networks, and go that have done damage. From manipulating elections to cause the death of people on more than one occasion.

How we’ve gone from the “fake news” to the manipulation

According to the newspaper, the hindu , the Hindustan Times, the circulation of false news on WhatsApp caused a catastrophe in this country. After that the news is false about a group of people who allegedly trafficked children to circulate, several of them were lynched.

This has alarmed a number of governments, and the authorities demanded that the platform take average most effective over the spread without control of this type of misleading information.

Part of the problem arises from the fact that unlike Facebook, where users can be tracked and blocked for posting content that violates the policies, the content of WhatsApp is more difficult to control because their messages have an encrypted end-to-end.

It is as well as created the new position “Director of Grievances”, and now Komal Lahiri will be responsible for receiving complaints and reports about any kind of similar situation.

“To contact the Director of Grievances, please send an e-mail with your complaint and form with an electronic form. If you are contacting us about a topic in espcífico, please include your phone number in the international format complete”, is mentioned in the faq section inside the configuration of security and privacy.

To contact her, go to Settings, then Help and finally go to the Contact section.

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