False: The Comic-con Mexico has nothing to do with the San Diego

This Monday, several media outlets of national scope, including unocero, we were the victims of a communication confusing. An official press release entitled “The one and only original COMIC-con comes to CDMX” issued jointly by the companies H. A. Bruno Events, HIR Expo International -managers of the Pepsi Center WTC – and MAD Event Management announced the realization of the Comic-con Mexico, and is linked with “a world-class event, originally from San Diego, California that has been conducted since 1970”, the San Diego Comic-con International (SDCC) the only event that fits that description.

This is the statement that we received in the drafting of unocero.

Today it is known that this link is incorrect and that the Comic-con Mexico does not have relations with the SDCC, which this month celebrates its edition 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The organization of the Comic-con Mexico, was communicated to the drafting of unocero to point out the issue and breaking with the SSDC, and which ensures that the organization “for now I want to manage as a separate event”.

According to its website, the company MAD Event Management has been in charge of several events linked with the industry of comics that include Expos in Long Beach and New Jersey, in the united States, in addition to the Long Beach Comic-con. Now bring this expert to Mexico City from 21 to 24 march 2019 at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City.

Unocero tried to communicate with the organization of the San Diego Comic-con International to obtain an official position on the topic, but at the time of this publication we have not received a response.

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