Congratulations! Listen to the list of the winner of the horn Sonos One

A few weeks ago, we call on our dear readers to demonstrate their creativity in order to earn a klaxon Sonos One, and we were not disappointed!

To earn this great award was to develop a playlist within Spotify of between 10 and 30 songs, whose titles form a phrase, poem, story, joke, etc, The most original and creative will be chosen.

More than 100 people participated and gave us many laughs, smiles and a few tears. The brand has already determined who would be the winner and now you can also listen to the playlist.

The prize is already on its way to Chihuaha and we are waiting for a photograph that inmortalice the moment and emotion of the winner.

Congratulations, Antonio Cordero Marquez! We hope you enjoy a lot of the horn most sophisticated of their generation and make all the profit.

We appreciate the participation of all the contestants and we want to mention that later we will have many more dynamic in which you can participate to win amazing prizes, so we invite you to follow us on all our social networks and not miss all the content and Partners.

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