Happy birthday iPhone! So the technology has evolved, the phone that revolutionized the industry

On June 29, 2007 the iPhone went on sale in the united States, and began a revolution in the mobile industry, a situation that as of today we still hold to be one of the phones more successful in the market.

And although much is said about the evolution of the iPhone in design and technology, where some engineers and people close to Steve Jobs mentioned that he would have never allowed many of the changes that has suffered the phone to Apple over the years, here we review the changes and most important technologies of the iPhone for the past 11 years.

Test: how much do you know iPhone?

iPhone – 2007

The first iPhone was a watershed in the industry with its touch screen and its design, however, despite the fact that the team included iPhone OS (now iOS) could not install applications.

iPhone 3G – 2008

Although many believe that it was the third iPhone that was manufactured, was the second, and it came with the name 3G because I was able to connect to 3G networks. Also, this was the first iPhone that included the App Store.

iPhone 3Gs – 2009

A year later came a higher version of the iPhone 3G, which will be twice as fast and had a price much cheaper, plus they are offered only in versions 8, 16 and 32GB.

So imagine Apple’s iPhone of the future

iPhone 4 – 2010

This was the first time that Apple implemented a design change in the iPhone, being more square and a glass cover is very eye-catching, in addition to that it was the phone most powerful of that year.

Also, this was the first model of the company in include front camera and HD video in both cameras.

iPhone 4s – 2011

For this year, Steve Jobs had left the company because of health problems, and despite the fears of the client, for a possible low in the quality of their phones, Apple launched Siri on this phone, which again raise the spirits of the customers, and therefore, the sales were a success.

iPhone 5 – 2012

With Tim Cook as CEO of Apple, the company mentioned that the iPhone 5 was the iPhone thinner and faster ever created, in addition, was the first to have an aluminum cover.

iPhone 5s – 2013

For the first time in the history of Apple included the fingerprint on a phone, which is known as Touch ID.

iPhone 5c – 2013

These were the first Apple phones made of plastic, which were cheaper and colorful.

The iPhone 2, Apple would have been cancelled at the last minute

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 2014

Contrary to the idea of Steve Jobs, this was the first time that the iPhone markedly increased its screen size since the iPhone 6 Plus had a front 5.5 inches, while the smaller model had a 4.7-inch screen.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – 2015

One of the generations more bitter for the users, because among the big news was the inclusion of the pink color, and the 3D touch, however, and this has been one of the generations best-selling.

iPhone -2016

As a kind of homage to the iPhone 5, Apple launched a small phone with great technological capabilities for all of those who still remembered the legacy of the iPhone 5 and 5s.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – 2016

The iPhone thinner until that date, made their debut together with the AirPods, the wireless headphones from Apple. In the same way it was the first time that they included a dual camera on a phone from Apple, with the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus – 2017

Considered as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, due to their low level of innovation in comparison with the previous models, these phones were returned to the glass cover feature for Apple to include for the first time in its history the wireless charging.

The iPhone 3GS of 2009 is put back on sale

iPhone X – 2017

The iPhone that commemorated the 10-year life of this popular product arrived with a change of striking design, being the first screen without the edges of the family, as well as the first to remove the Touch ID to replace it by the ID Face.

It was also the first iPhone in history to have an OLED screen.

iPhone ? – 2018

In September we will know the new generation iPhone, which presumably will come in three different sizes, and which two models will include dual camera and OLED screen, while the iPhone easier to have LCD display and a single rear camera.

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