Filtered prices, images and features of the Xiaomi Mi A2 and My A2 Lite

The next smartphone from Xiaomi with Android One will be presented in Madrid on the 24th of July, and, as expected, you are filtering images, prices and characteristics of new equipment from the chinese firm.

The information comes from a shop Polish that has shown many details ahead of time, confirming things we already knew, and throwing interesting developments as the possible launch price, as well as some of the other specifications are very eye-catching.

Xiaomi Mi A2, the twin brother of My 6X but with Android One

One of the smartphones of Xiaomi that we liked this year is My 6X, a team that has an excellent quality/price ratio, but at the moment it is sold exclusively in China.

However, My A2 will be the twin brother of My 6X in terms of design and specifications, although their main difference is that My A2 will have Android One in their bowels and not MIUI.

Xiaomi creates a touchpad wireless mouse

The specifications of this My A2 will be the following:

One of the major shortcomings of the Xiaomi Mi A2 would be the NFC chip, which is needed in any mid-range smartphone up, especially with the boom that are taking mobile payments and other technologies that take advantage of the NFC.

On the other hand, we will have a smartphone powerful and with good performance, especially because the Android device One does not need a lot of power to work with fluidity, so that if, in addition, we have specifications to the height of what is expected, then we will have a team that practically it will work without a problem.

Regarding the prices, it is mentioned that it will be the following:

  • My A2 with 4GB + 32GB: $6,600 MXN approximately
  • My A2 with 4GB + 64GB: $7,000 MXN approximately
  • My A2 with 6GB + 128GB: $8,100 MXN approximately

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, a smaller version

To the surprise of all it seems that this time there will be a Lite version of the family with Android One, which amazes for its design, since it will be the first to include a notch.

Xiaomi introduce a new smartphone in Madrid next month. Do Xiaomi My A2 on the way?

The specs leaked of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite are the following:

Despite the fact that the design is similar, the My A2 Lite looks a little more robust and less elegant in comparison with My A2, however, will keep similar specs, with the difference being that the cheaper version will have more battery, it will include the port jack of 3.5 mm and does not come with USB type-C.

In addition, for this model only have a single version available 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which will cost approximately $5,500 MXN.

We will be pending of the presentation of both teams to give you all the official details and talk of his possible arrival to Mexico.

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