Filter concept art of Avengers 4, and with it new and juicy details

For the last few hours is circulating on the Internet is a conceptual art that allegedly show the look of the characters that will star in the next installment of the saga of the Avengers, among them the Avengers and the mighty Thanos.

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Was also circulating the alleged leaked image of how it’ll look Vision in the next film, but now we tell them that.

Back to the topic, along with the alleged art of Avengers 4, there also came a number of theories of what the appearances of the heroes and the villain intergalactic can mean. You have a good summary that we bring our friends from Chilango.

HERE WE’RE GOING TO ISSUE A SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE WE TALK ABOUT POTENTIAL DETAILS FOR AVENGERS 4. If you do not want to “know” anything, you are just in time to return to the home of unocero.

For example, it appears Thanos, this Lord space wears a full armor and he still has the Gauntlet of Infinity, which is in perfect condition and with all the gems. However, the titan has a new weapon: a huge sword with a double.

Such details call attention to themselves, as directors Anthony and Joseph Russo had been told that, to have the gems, Thanos feels so powerful that it needs something like a suit of armour. If in Avengers 4 Thanos protects your body and use another weapon, will it be because the gems lost their power?

And what about the heroes?

Here there is plenty more fabric where to cut. If you look carefully at the other picture, you can see that the Cap is rasuró and left the dark suit that was used in the previous film to return to his brilliant costume. In addition, Black Widow also has a change -as in every film of Marvel in which it appears-since left behind the blonde hair to go back to being the redhead that we all love.

But what is most comentable is that we can see back to the Hulk, but in addition wearing suits, and particularly civilized, something that had not been his style in the Movie Universe of Marvel. Does this mean that Banner takes up the control of the green giant?

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We also see that Captain Marvel uses his iconic red suit-blue from the comics and not the green that will in his film, while War Machine will premiere a new suit, more similar to that of Iron Man.

Eye, the filtration of the concept art for Avengers 4 may be a spoiler huge, because that does not look Wasp. Will that also disappeared when Thanos thundered fingers?

And what about Vision?

In another alleged seepage allegedly also arising from the production of the film, appears Vision and its new look, much more attached to the comic. This in the first place assures us that Vision will return despite having been killed by Thanos at the end of Infinity War, and in a version phantasmagorical (in the comics Vision is white).

The funny thing is that he sees the character in Wakanda. A scenario that is not visited in the old installment of the Avengers . It is unknown at the moment, how will the scriptwriters to justify the resurrection of this hero and other characters in Marvel.

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