Filtered alleged dates for presentation and pre-sales of the new iPhone

Apple has been particularly tight this year with the introduction of its new generation of iPhone, and everything else that potentially will come with his Keynote 2018.

That, of course, has not stopped experts from speculating, rumorar and filter data on the event and the new batch of devices have emerged from Cupertino, one that comes when the perception that Apple has been overtaken by its competitors is stronger than ever.

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As we’ve talked about the possible dates for the event from the campus of Apple in California, but now a new filtration published by the German portal Macerkopf ensures that the presentation would be day 11 or 12 of September, while the start of the pre-sale of the devices would be more specific: on the 14th of September.

The data have been taken from two of the cellular operators in Germany, which are already starting to plan their operation with the device, which is estimated to become one of the most sold in the world. The information does not sound far-fetched because it follows the tradition of Apple to present its new generation of gadgets on Tuesday or Wednesday of the first two weeks of September.

And what about the sale to the general public?

In what relates to the general sale to the public of the new iPhone, the thing is much less “accurate” and much more speculative, but experts proven that is not far removed from the reality in their forecasts, such as MacRumors, suggest that Friday 21 September is the date chosen to begin to distribute the devices.

Apparently the famous invitations to the great Keynote 2018 Apple will begin to be issued from Cupertino “at the end of August”, which makes us think that this would start the following week. We will continue to pay close attention to everything that comes about so you are always well aware about the fates of the iPhone in unocero. and Partners.

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