Firefox calls online trackers stop

Ads on every website haunt, are the work of trackers. They know exactly what sites you visit to online advertising specifically to you to vote. Mozilla is planning them in an upcoming version of Firefox by default to block.

It is specific to trackers that have a long time to load. That ensures that websites generally take longer to open. Without trackers can allow certain websites to the half load faster, proved to be more of a research of privacy-browser Ghostery.


Mozilla there in time for that merchants you do not follow other sites. Which trackers are the cookies filtered. Also, there are plans to cryptominers and fingerprinting in the spell to do. In the latter case, can you identify your device information. Since you give no consent for, such as in cookies: it just happens in the geniep.

The creators of Firefox, to try the measures in a test version of the browser. Later this year, they brought in a new regular version of Firefox.

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