Photos in which something happens very strange

In the world there are many amazing things, and they occur literally every step, just look at with attention to the objects and people that surround us. Some of these things will cause a smile, but others can be a bit frightening. For example, the ghostly figure of a famous singer, in a photo, a reflection a stranger in a mirror or a cloud of rain in the cockpit of a plane. has found photos that you’ll have to watch more than once to understand what is happening in them.

This girl was pretty scary to its subscribers

Or this is an effect of the reflection multiple, or here really passes something diabolical

What a capsule-abandoned NASA?

Everything is more simple: the inhabitants of the place were a joke. In the 1950s, at a place called Winganon, Oklahoma, there was a traffic accident that involved a truck carrying concrete, which fell off the mixer. It was too heavy to remove, so I was pulled to the side of the road. The inhabitants of Winganon painted the mixer mode, which looks like a space capsule, and as a result it became a tourist attraction.

The holes in the curtain created the effect of a camera obscura

Another glitch in the Matrix

A cloud of rainbow-a rare phenomenon, but to anything supernatural

When you lie down for 5 minutes and you end up sleeping 10 hours

The more you look at the t-shirt Samuel L. Jackson, more questions will arise

The manufacturing date was printed directly on the ice cream. Apparently, the buyer didn’t have to waste a lot of time searching for it

Bodybuilders are becoming more and more young people… ah, no, it seemed to me

“I took this picture in Albania. The landscape in the background seems unreal”

Wouldn’t it have been easier to make a door?

Do not say that you do not try to occupy your hands with something during a long telephone conversation

I don’t know why, but since I don’t feel like swimming

When a photo casual is better than one that you have posed

“My wife fell asleep with a magazine in the face, I even scare myself”

It seems that the climate of this flight is rainy

In reality, it is a situation quite common, caused by the fact that in the cabin enters the outside air, saturated with water vapor.

Once Tom Petty took a photo of the grave of Jim Morrison. And, apparently, captured the own Jim

Bonus: it appears that this crab is threatening to someone

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