Were named the 10 most popular social networks and there are many surprises

Do you agree with your opinion, how many followers should a person have for that is very famous on social networks? Do they have to have double the subscribers of the total population of your country?

Great.guru created a top 10 of the hottest people on these platforms. We have the amount of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and join the data in a list. Of course, the faces are known, but the distribution of the places in the ranking a little surprised.

10. Beyonce, 186 million

  • Instagram — 111 million
  • Facebook — 60 million
  • Twitter — 15 million

Last year, the picture of Beyonce pregnant, with the message that was expecting twins, broke the record for the number of “likes”. Currently, the image has 11.2 million “likes” and occupies the second place in the ranking of the most popular photographs on this social network.

9. Kim Kardashian, 194 million

  • Instagram — 107 million
  • Facebook — 29 million
  • Twitter — 58 million

Who is not expected to see in the end of the ranking is Kim Kardashian. It is interesting that this socialite, known for its pictures provocative in the social networks, has the most “likes” on a photo with your mom in a picture of it alone.

8. Shakira, 195 million

  • Instagram — 45 million
  • Facebook — 99 million
  • Twitter — 51 million

In social networks, the colombian singer has a lot of photos with other famous personalities. The greater resonance of recent times was the photo of Shakira with Maluma, singer and songwriter of reggaeton. Another image that was popular, is one where the woman holds in his hands the most famous dog of Instagram: the pug Dough.

7. Ariana Grande, 206 million

  • Instagram — 117 million
  • Facebook — 32 million
  • Twitter — 57 million

In the page of the singer often appear in photographs of their pets, because this girl is 7 and all are from shelters. The most popular image of the girl is the picture taken during a visit to a sick girl.

6. Rihanna, 222 million

  • Instagram — 60 million
  • Facebook — 76 million
  • Twitter — 86 million

The famous singer of R&B leads their pages in social networks with humor and even with autoironía. Let’s take as an example a joke with a dress yellow, which Rihanna is not only offended, but also published it in his profile.

5. Katy Perry, 241 million

  • Instagram — 68 million
  • Facebook — 65 million
  • Twitter — 108 million

The singer has spent several years being the most famous person on Twitter. Among the photos popular Katy Perry can be noted as one in which the woman along with her grandmother, promoting his new collection of shoes. Among the most graciosasse find the photo of her and a ball of basketball, which is accompanied with the phrase “as the ball, said”

4. Selena Gomez, 249 million

  • Instagram — 133 million
  • Facebook — 60 million
  • Twitter — 56 million

The most popular person of Instagram is Selena Gomez. One of the most famous photographs not only in the profile of the singer, but also in the entire social network, which occupies the third place by the amount of “likes”, was conducted prior to the kidney transplant that he suffered some months ago. The need of the operation occurred due to a lupus erythematosus against which the singer struggle We wish Selena that expires finally this serious disease!

3. Taylor Swift, 262 million

  • Instagram — 106 million
  • Facebook — 70 million
  • Twitter — 86 million

Taylor Swift is perfect, but in a battle against the cats would lose. Otherwise, how to explain the photos where the girl is very neat you do not receive as many “likes” as the images in which you are with one of your pets.

2. Justin Bieber, 277 million

  • Instagram — 97 million
  • Facebook — 75 million
  • Twitter — 105 million

The musician canadian gets along very well with the modern technologies and first steps in the world of show business is not what helped a producer, but your channel on YouTube. Justin Bieber became the first person in the world since the foundation of that server, whose videos have been seen by over two million people. In social networks, according to the figures, the singer also feels like a fish in the water, especially on Twitter, where he treads on the heels of Katy Perry.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, 307 million

  • Instagram — 120 million
  • Facebook — 120 million
  • Twitter — 67 million

Cristiano Ronaldo shattered the stereotype that social networks are a prerogative of the female sex. The photo of the football player taken after the birth of her daughter received 11.3 million “likes” and occupies the first place among the most famous images in Instagram. In addition, it is the most famous personality on the social network Facebook, which, by the way, is distinguished by a hearing strict and selective.

So are the modern kings and queens of the social networks. We were surprised by many characters of this collection, but most people of number 1 and 9. And what is that to thee?

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